Bill Lee’s True Rewards Story

Bill Lee’s True Rewards Story

Bill had hand therapy at Memorial's Orthopedic & Neurosciences Center after multiple hand surgeries.

After three hand procedures, Bill was referred to Memorial Hand and Shoulder Therapy by Hand Surgeon Dr. Harvey Mirly. 

Some of the therapies used included heat, exercise, corncob flour, and paraffin. After therapy, although Bill knew he'd have some limitations, he says that everything just felt better. Plus, he's able to play golf again, something he hadn't done in awhile due to surgery.

Bill describes his experience with Hand Therapy as great. He says that from the time you walk in the entire team treats you like family, and they really care about what happens to you. Bill also stated that if he had to go through it again, he'd go to Memorial Hand and Shoulder Therapy. 

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