Melissa and David Birckhead’s True Rewards Story

Melissa and David Birckhead’s True Rewards Story

Melissa was delivering the couple's fifth child at Memorial Hospital Shiloh's Family Care Birthing Center when there were complications.

Melissa and David chose to have their fifth baby delivered by Midwife Sylvia Obenueffman, CNM, MSN, who had also delivered their two year old. Although the couple was expecting an easy delivery, this one was "a lot harder" according to Melissa.

Throughout the delivery, Sylvia and the entire Family Care Birthing Center staff kept Melissa and David at ease while also communicating exactly what was happening.

After the baby was delivered, she didn't start crying immediately and was unresponsive. The nurses took the baby and David to the NICU, all the while reassuring Melissa that everything would be just fine. She recalls that what could have been scary turn of events was handled smoothly by the Family Care Birthing Center staff. 

The neonatologist even took the time to explain to Melissa exactly what happened, which was transitional tachypnea (the baby was stressed). This condition actually happens in 10% of births. 

Melissa was amazed at how they supported her, her husband, and her baby during this very difficult time, calling it a "beautiful experience."

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