Judy Hagelstein’s True Rewards Story

Judy Hagelstein’s True Rewards Story

After suffering a stroke, Judy was referred to Memorial's Orthopedic & Neurosciences Center for Occupational and Physical Therapy.

After her stroke, Judy had issues with her left side. Although she wasn't paralyzed, she couldn't lift her left arm or walk. She went to Physical Therapy for a year to improve the strength of her legs and help with balance issues. She continues to go to Occupational Therapy for her arm and hand.

Since starting therapy, Judy can now walk with a cane, which she says is a blessing. And thanks to the Driver Rehabilitation Program, she can also drive again. "The independence is just awesome," Judy says of driving.

When it comes to the Rehab Services staff, Judy says they are compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging. "They give you hope; they tell you, you know, you can do this," she says. 

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