Memorial Care Center Patient Story

Meet Cheryl Krantz. She was a patient at Memorial Care Center for 30 days. Cheryl talks about her time there, the staff, and the activities she took part in at Memorial Care Center.

How was your time at Memorial Care Center?

I did really well. I was having trouble even getting into a walker when I first got here. I started going to physical therapy in a wheelchair, and then they said, "Nope, you're walking in a walker, but the wheelchair will be right behind you." I did good, and everybody was wonderful!

Talk about the staff at Memorial Care Center.

The nurses would come and tell me, "It's medicine time." Carol was one of our daytime nurses. The aides were really good. One would bring me lunch. When she'd go out to get lunch, she'd bring me food back. They were helpful. They were friendly. To me, the hardest thing to ask help for was to go to the restroom. They said, "Don't you even think about it. It's our job." But they treated it more than like a job. 

Did you take part in any activities while you were here?

There was a phenomenal gentleman playing the piano one day. Other than that, I really didn't go down to a lot of things. I asked the girls one day, "I want to have my sorority meeting come down here." Because I obviously wasn't at home. I wouldn't have been able to go. They said, "We don't care. Tell them to come visit. So we were down outside of the physical therapy area, and they were like, "Wow, it's so nice around here." 

When your dog, Larry, came to visit, how did it help you?

It lifted my spirits up a lot. And seeing other people stop, talk, and pet him, I think it brightened them up too. It definitely made me have better days.

Cheryl's husband, Dean, discusses her care and choosing Memorial Care Center.

The care was outstanding. She was at the hospital over in St. Louis, and when they said they were going to put her in a care facility, we didn't really know where to go. They were going to leave her in St. Louis. I said that was really hard getting back and forth, so they gave us a list, and I went on the web and Memorial came up as five-star or highly recommended. I said, "Well, that's where we want to go," and when we got here it was just phenomenal. It was like she was family instead of being a patient. I mean, I know she was a patient, but it was like she was a member of the family here, and everybody treated her that way. Then they said we could bring Larry because she was missing him, and he didn't have a clue why she was not coming home. So he was all excited to come here, and he made friends with everybody too. But, the people were are just amazing.

Would you recommend Memorial Care Center to a friend?

I would definitely recommend. I couldn't have been treated any nicer. I was treated like one of the family. That was very important, and I would definitely tell people that everybody there was phenomenal.