How Family Caregivers Can Help

How Family Caregivers Can Help

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Have a good relationship with the care team.

If your family member, the patient, has given permission, talk to the staff about the rehab plan. Ask how your family member is doing in treatment. Speak up if you have concerns about the care your family member is getting.

Encourage independence.

The purpose of rehab is to help your family member be as independent as possible. You can help by encouraging your family member to do as much as they can.

Balance your need to know with your family member’s wish for privacy.

While some patients always want caregivers/ family with them, others prefer to have treatments alone. Talk with your family member about the right balance between options.

Figure out when and how often to visit.

While you want to help your family member, you likely have other work or family responsibilities. Even if you can visit only in the evening, you can still talk with nursing care staff or make an appointment to meet with staff another time.

Find your own ways to help.

This can be friendly visits, going to care plan meetings, talking with staff about discharge, or working with the therapist.