During Your Stay at Memorial Care Center

During Your Stay at Memorial Care Center

While you or your family member might still be quite ill and need medical attention, you will be expected to be active during the rehab process.

You will see many active patients and therapists in the halls and treatment rooms. In general, you will find rehab a positive “workout” atmosphere rather than a place for sick people. You or your family member will need to work as hard as possible during the rehab process and to do as much as you can for yourself. 

Initial Assessment

The nursing staff will assess you or your family member on admission. The therapy staff will assess you within the first 24 hours. The most important finding is “restorative potential.” This means the level of function (ability to move or do activities) that you are likely to regain from rehab. Restorative potential has to do with the current illness and not any chronic condition (diabetes, arthritis).

Social Service

Complete social services are provided by professionally trained, licensed social workers to help patients and their families cope with the problems that may accompany an illness and a Memorial Care Center stay. As part of the interdisciplinary team, the social worker contributes to the overall treatment plan and assists with appropriate discharge planning.

Making Your Stay Comfortable

Adaptive Equipment

You or your family member may be issued reachers, sock aids, shoe horns, or walkers/ canes during your stay to assist with performing self-care tasks. If you are going to need this equipment when you go home, the social worker will assist you in obtaining it from a durable medical equipment provider.

What to Bring

Please bring comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, and socks from home. It is important to label the clothing and bring it to the facility on admission. One week of clothing is ideal. Your family will want to pick up your clothing and take it home for laundering regularly.

In promoting community health and wellness, Memorial Care Center is non-smoking both in the facility and on its property. We ask that you not keep smoking materials in the facility.

Other Services Available

The complete range of all other diagnostic, treatment, and support services of Memorial Hospital Belleville, as ordered by the patient's private physician, includes:

  • Laboratory and X-ray
  • Pharmacy, kinetic consulting
  • Nutritional support and counseling
  • Respiratory care
  • Beauty shop
  • Religious/spiritual services—Sunday school, Catholic mass, chapel, bible study
  • Pre-admission and financial counseling