Memorial Foundation’s golf tournament raises $72,000

Memorial Foundation held its annual golf tournament on Monday, June 11 at St. Clair Country Club with 124 golfers participating.

Mark J. Turner, Memorial Regional Health Services president is pictured with Robert C. Mueller, chairman of Memorial Foundation's Board of Directors and tournament chair.

The tournament raised $72,000 to purchase hemodynamic monitoring equipment for the ICU. This equipment measures the blood pressure inside the veins, heart and arteries and helps prevent or treat organ failure and improve patient outcomes.

The winners for the day are as follows:

First Flight

First Place

  • Ryan Altmansberger                      
  • David Miller
  • Shane Moskop
  • Mark Maxim

Second Place

  • Ben Wanless                                                
  • Eric Linnemeier
  • Luke Brunsmann
  • Ryan Eberle

Third Place

  • Randy Ganim                                    
  • Bryan Ganim
  • Kevin Meder
  • Randy Phillips


Second Flight

First Place

  • Otto Roberts                                     
  • Alan Render
  • Matt Hill
  • Mark Heffernan

Second Place

  • Greg Cundiff                                     
  • Barry McClure
  • Jeff Baskett
  • Matt Cundiff

Third Place

  • Bob Mueller                                      
  • Kurt Artinger
  • Dave Neiers
  • Untress Quinn


Third Flight

First Place

  • Jason Winslow                                 
  • Blair Keltner
  • Roy Gray
  • Dave Schwendt

Second Place

  • Roland Thouvenot                                   
  • Stephen Myers
  • Kevin Pesko
  • Ron Stephens

Third Place

  • Jeff Watson                                       
  • Terry Hanger
  • Marc Vanderweele
  • Chet Borders


Closest to the Hole Winners

  • Joe Ossola - #2
  • Mike McManus - #9
  • John Meehan - #10
  • Scott Givens - #13
  • Mike Riley, Jr. - #16

Other winners included Dan Jackson, for closest to the line on hole #11 and Lori Schreiner for longest putt.

Thank you to our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers for making this event a success! Save the date for next year's event: Monday, June 10, 2019.