Gifts of Remembrance

Gifts of Remembrance

Making a gift to others is a unique and personal way to mark many of life’s special events or occasions.

Some gifts outlast the moment, whether it is one of joy or sadness.

A gift of remembrance to Memorial Foundation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to a friend, relative or acquaintance at death, or to commemorate the joy of birth, graduation, anniversary or other special events.

Gifts of remembrance express not only your thoughtfulness, but a concern for life as well. Your gift touches the lives of loved ones by remembering someone who is or has been important in your life. Your gift also touches the lives of many other people by helping Memorial provide excellence in healthcare.

The Board of Directors acknowledges the following gifts of remembrance to Memorial Foundation received from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. 

In Honor of Jane Dickens

  • Rev. and Mrs. Fred Wehrenberg

In Honor of Julie Eichholz

  • Laddie and Pat Daye

In Honor of Patricia Garrahan

  • Ms. Lynda McIntosh

In Honor of Jeannine Kochmann

  • Mrs. Betty Ann Keller Timmer

In Honor of Sandy Patrick

  • Mike and Sue McManus

In Honor of the Retirement of Mark J. Turner

  • Gerry and Carole Middendorf

In Honor of Marjorie Weber

  • Mrs. Betty Ann Keller Timmer

In Honor of Nancy Weston

  • Mike and Sue McManus 

In Memory of Fred and Lois Andricks

  • Mrs. Lisa Altland

In Memory of Maurice and Elsie Anna

  • Howard and Carol Anna

In Memory of Thomas Baldwin

  • Mrs. Stella Baldwin

In Memory of Emerson and Helen Burchell

  • Mrs. Beverly Ruser

In Memory of Dr. Wayne B. Cox, II

  • Mr. Roger Cox

In Memory of Haroldine Daily

  • Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

In Memory of Charlene Dori

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dori

In Memory of Dr. Michael H. Dyer

  • Mrs. Kay Lynne Dyer

In Memory of Helen Hardt

  • Howard and Carol Anna

In Memory of Terry L. Hentze

  • Alton High School Math Department
  • Ms. Julieanne Blow
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Dresch and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Griffin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hancock
  • Mrs. Janet Hentze
  • Lake View Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pape
  • P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter LU
  • Ms. Mary Lou Peter

 In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Keller

  • Mrs. Betty Ann Keller Timmer

In Memory of Ginger Kelly

  • Les and Kay Mehrtens

In Memory of Richard Klemm

  • Mrs. Ann Klemm

In Memory of Evelyn Kunnemann Meyer

  • Tom and Susan Dinsmore
  • Jim and Ruth Holmes
  • Sharon and Isabel Kunnemann
  • Mrs. Jennifer Meinkoth
  • Memorial Hospital Human Resources Department
  • Memorial Regional Health Services, Inc. Leadership
  • Ms. Patricia Mack
  • Mike and Karen Reilly
  • James and Lisa Riess
  • The Roziewski and McQueary Families
  • Ms. Margaret Sabo
  • Mrs. Pearl Spies
  • Ms. Martha Story
  • Dr. Valerie Thaxton
  • Mark and Mary Ann Turner
  • Terry and Charlotte Walther
  • Mel and Jerrie Weith

In Memory of Daniel Ervin Mueller, Sr.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Briney
  • David and Erin Wallace

In Memory of Dr. James Olroyd

  • Mrs. Rebecca Olroyd

In Memory of Dr. Edward Rose

  • Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

In Memory of Dr. Carla Samson

  • Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

In Memory of Ralph Siebert

  • Ms. Betty Lehr

In Memory of Joe and Virginia Stoll

  • Howard and Carol Anna

In Memory of Louis and Alice Visconti

  • Dr. John Visconti

In Memory of Irvin (Gus) Wangelin

  • Mrs. Nancy Wangelin

In Memory of Milton Wiley

  • Mr. Joe Wiley

In Memory of Albert Wunderlich

  • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Walther