Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker

Memorial’s Speakers Bureau can help you plan interesting and informative programs for your group.

The topics listed below offer suggestions for programs to meet your group’s needs. If you are interested in a topic not listed, contact us, and we will attempt to secure a speaker for your group or event.

All of the speakers have been chosen because they are particularly knowledgeable on one or more of the suggested topics. All of the speakers are members of our staff or Auxiliary.

The names of the speakers are not listed, as they may change from time to time. Generally, talks last approximately 30 minutes. Some are, of course, shorter or longer.

To arrange a presentation, please contact Memorial’s Outreach Coordinator at (618) 257-5765. All requests must be made 4-6 weeks before the event.


Advance Directives

An important decision that you and your family may have to face, and an issue that we feel is a very personal and emotional one, is the decision to sustain or prolong life using artificial methods. This program discusses the documents—Living Wills and Powers of Attorney for Healthcare—necessary for you to make your wishes known.

Auxiliary at Work

A look at the variety of opportunities available to Memorial Hospital Auxilians. From volunteering in our hospitals or Memorial Care Center to supporting Auxiliary-sponsored community activities and fundraisers.

Belleville Health and Sports Center

A discussion of fitness and health topics, including current trends and fads, or ideas on leading an active and healthy lifestyle to promote life extension.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

An explanation of our 12-week program of supervised education, counseling, and individually prescribed exercise for cardiac patients.


A general overview of diabetes, pre-diabetes, and diabetes management.

Heart Health and Fitness

"911"—Cardiovascular disease and its signs and symptoms.

Home Care

A discussion on continuity of care for patients making the transition from hospital to home. Information on providing care to those homebound due to illness or injury.

Infection Control

Answers the question of why we need infection control. Topics could include hand hygiene, antibiotic usage, influenza, or other communicable diseases.

Lessons from the Bible for Caregivers

A holistic view of human beings reflected in religious faith and emphasizing the whole person, including mind, body, and spirit.


An explanation of complete diagnostic services, including 3-D mammography (tomosynthesis), offered by Memorial Breast Health Center of Excellence.

Memorial Hospital Network

A brief view of Memorial Hospital Network’s past, present, and future.


Nutritional needs throughout the life cycle for different diseases and weight control. Talk can be geared toward various ages and diseases.

Pain Control

Pain control via electricity, biofeedback, relaxation, and meditation, rather than chemical products that can create their own illnesses and dependencies.

Physical Therapy

Modern use of physical therapy services in the allopathic and osteopathic healthcare systems.

Pulmonary Rehab

Topics include asthma, COPD (emphysema), pulmonary rehabilitation, and the hazards of cigarette smoking.

Relaxation and Meditation

The use of introspection, mental clearing, and focusing to reduce physical, mental, and emotional tension.

Social Work in Healthcare

A discussion of the social and emotional problems caused by illness. An explanation of the services offered to patients and their families by medical social workers.

Sports Medicine and Athletic Injuries

Common adult knee and shoulder issues, with emphasis on non-surgical management, tendon injuries and issues, special considerations of youth musculoskeletal injuries, and common running injuries and issues.

Stress Control

How stress affects our lives and physical condition, and the use of rational, active, and passive methods to handle stress in daily living.